Farewell to a Friend

ollie in cemetery sept 24 2008-8

Hello all. Today we had to say goodbye to our wonderful Oliver. Sir Oliver of Leland, more aptly. He came to live with us about 4 years ago, and we hope that his years with us may have made up for any not-so-wonderful years prior. Eric and I have spent a lot of time tonight going through old photos, and I would like to share them with you. He was my one constant subject – for snapshots, poses, candids and just plain sillies – and in many ways my muse. I miss him with all of my being and although I know that he is not in pain now (and eating all of the broccoli that he can find!) I am still sad that I will not be able to rub his furry little noggin any longer. Be in peace, Muffin Man – O-boy – Ollieball. We miss you and love you so.

ollie with grass in the field sept 13 2007


ollie in action blur oct 15 2007

ollie on his chair august 24 2008

ollie on the couch jan 1 2008-1

ollie and eric at hopkinton sep 16 2007

ollie the sentry jan 2 2009-1

ollie bored with my new table sept 28 2008


ollie with giant rawhide dec 23 2007

ollie drinking at hopkinton sept 16 2009

ollie eating snow at hopkinton feb 1 2009-1

ollie march 7 2009- turning back with body

ollie march 15 2009

ollie last photo


5 Responses to “Farewell to a Friend”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Cece and Eric, It’s always so hard to let our old friends go, especially when it is unexpected and unplanned. The greatest gift we can give them is to let them go with dignity and peace. I am sure that Ollie loved ruling his kingdom in his special way. Your pictures capture his spirit perfectly and are lovely…

  2. Those are amazing! Thank you for posting them. They will help today be a better day.

  3. I’m so glad you posted these- I was so hoping you would do something like this for him, and yourselves. What better way to memorialize such a good friend. I love the one with his nose to the ground, and the motion you captured. This is how I think he’ll spend his days from now on….

  4. Elaine Dooley Says:

    Eric, and Cece, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Oliver shared some wonderful years and times with you and I know you enriched Olivers’s life and he did yours. I know these great memories will be with you forever.

  5. Ah, Cecil, how lovely! You’re making me cry though. He is at peace now and you should rest easy knowing you made him very happy and loved him well! He was a lucky dog!

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