Fire and Ice

Here in New England folks do all sorts of wacky things to overcome the freezing boredom that winter can bring. To that end, the first ice fishers appeared on the pond behind our house this week .

Sigh. This is an activity that I have never understood – perhaps if they built shanties and were able to drive out onto the ice for a full day I could applaud their stamina and dedication. Alas, it is not so on our little pond. One the weekends, they tend to arrive around 9 am, parking in front of our house and waddling – practically swaddled in Carhart and wool – down the snow-slicked hill and onto the ice. Their warmth seems to be derrived from ‘liquid refreshment’ of various sorts and by tromping between the holes drilled through the ice. They stay for a few hours and then pack it on home. Few last past lunch time, and rarely have I seen anyone actually catch anything.

On weekdays, however, their evening presence is annouced by the paradoxical, orange crackle of a mini-bonfire on the center of the ice, a beacon through the dusk.  It is this concept of ‘Fire on Ice’ that sparked my inspiration this week. I had hoped that I would be able to catch a flaming remnant of the fishermen one evening, but it was no so. Therefore, I have extrapolated the theme into my photos this week. I chose to challenge myself with indoor work representing Fire – I greatly prefer to shoot outside, no matter the light. Then, capitalizing on the recent snow, I moved outside for Ice.

I found it very challenging to work with the light given by one candle, and ended up shooting without a flash of any form to achieve a softer light. The two Ice photos were certainly easier for me to shoot, but by using my zoom lens I was forced to move further away from the subject to achieve the focus that I intended. I am happy with the three photos shown below, albeit after several others that were certainly not qualified for posting, but there is always room for improvement.




Ice 1


Ice 2


2 Responses to “Fire and Ice”

  1. Nice, cecil…you and I should seriously take a photog class and start up a little side business 🙂

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